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About Us

We are a resident-led, lottery funded, community development charity. We focus on the area bounded by Atherleigh Way, Kirkhall lane, Leigh Road and Twist Lane.

We do that by listening to what local people, schools and community groups think is important and drafting a three-year Community Plan with priorities and spend.

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Volunteering in the community is one of the most rewarding pastimes that can be enjoyed by absolutely anybody and everybody.

Our Key Priorities

Community Spirit

Bringing people together and developing greater community spirit is what drives Leigh Neighbours! Whether it’s funding an event as part of The Big Lunch or organising a litter pick to help make the area cleaner and greener, we recognise that there is value in creating opportunities that allow people to get to know their neighbours, to break down social barriers and challenge misconceptions.

Education, Employment and Training

We recognise that not everyone in our area has a job or has a job that pays very well. We are committed to helping local people to get training, experience and qualifications that will give them a leg up. We’ll support our local schools in ways that add value to what they deliver.

Environmental Improvements

The impact of environmental crime, ie. dog-fouling, fly-tipping, vandalism and graffiti, is felt keenly by local people, as is the lack of green space and areas for children to play safely.

We’ve invested significantly in improving the local environment, from transforming neglected grot spots to commissioning community art installations.


We’ve known since we first started consulting with local people that there were concerns about housing.

The worries that local people shared were around the number of private let properties in the area, the way that some private landlords managed their properties and the poor physical condition that many of the properties were in.

Leigh Neighbours Project
Leigh Neighbours Project

Resident’s Fund

We have money set aside to support local residents, groups, organisation and schools to deliver small projects which will help the area a better place to live.

These can range from ideas to spruce up the alley behind their houses, like this area behind Selwyn Street.

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Leigh Neighbours Project

We are a community development project run by local residents based in Leigh.


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